Monday, September 20, 2010

Yes i Am!


Yes I am!

Been saving for awhile to get that mechanism in my hands.
need to be very patient.

Waiting is the measurement for your loyalty,
and I will not betray this promise to get what I desire for.

Till early next year I have the time to save my treasury.
For Allah S.W.T. to bless my life and people surrounding.
Hope this movement will make a different in mine and others.
Spread me away from any difficulties and wind me the Barakah you promise for.

Put me among the CHOSEN ONE.
Undeniable the sins I had committed along my walk to glory-brightly path.

I know I am a very demanding slave of yours.
Teach me how to appreciate things you given to me in the Rahmah way of yours.
As you are THE ONE in this entire universe who can show us how precious the world is;
and vice-verse.

Please grant my Doa to you.
I need the strength to gain my saving to buy what I desire to.

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