Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Tiny Minute Equivalent to One Day

There is a different between reality and dream.
Right now I just want to be free and fly away from the reality for just a tiny minute.
They said that a tiny minute in a dream equivalent to ONE DAY.
Love to try it out.
It would be nice to escape from the reality; dreaming about dreams.
The dreams will never be boring and dull, do they? It's actually depends on which perspective are you looking it. Sometimes it is just happier to think the bright side. Even the dark side is impossible to eliminate, let us just minimizing the dark side to the minimum level. As lower as we can, can't we? Well, I think this is possible. Theory of the day: MAXIMIZE the bright side, MINIMIZE the dark side!
Couldn't be merrier than this. I do think this is Perfect. It's not that perfect Perfect, but at least it's suits me right now just like that. You can even call it as Pretending. Urrmm...Pretending. Let's just called it "Live Your Life To the Maximum".

*Frankly, I'm kinda hoping to get a few feedback for what I've wrote. Some sort of discussion, it could be an argument. More to two  ways of communication. Have you ever heard the song from Jason Derulo-Riding Solo?. In my case, I don't want to Write Solo. hahaha. Please drop a comment please. (it's totally not begging, it's asking. LOL!) Salam~


  1. maximum your life by creating bigger dreams,impossible dreams! btw:it my bday :p

  2. well, that is one possible dream. Happy Birthday Rin-Rin! hehehe...didn't know it's your birthday..guess it's belated~huhu...

  3. post some new post
    share some new ideas

  4. nah.. i gonna put my comment right here. ok thakim. is it enough? bahahaha. anyway everything that u wrote up here i'm totally agree. make ur life bright than sunshine. take some archers and put it on your tower. don't forget to put some pitch near it. and then, hear the freaking crazy enemies burning like...! ahh. i don't wanna talk much. my english is so broken2. wanna hang out? ameer?

  5. cannot be done, "Pitch needed!", also the Extreme Expansion Pack is all about cursing bad words to ur own screen because it is truly extremes that u'll never have a chance to build ur army...just watching the king crumbling down to his knees..Solution: go for stronghold crusader regular version..happily defeat all six kings and sure can be at the top of list while listening to the voice, "You are the FIRST ranking powerful king~"! Please stop me from pressing the keyboard because i really should study right now.

    back to the real topic: let's chill out at ameer.get a date and time.u have my number.